About Us

CRV Electronics is an independent customer-orientated business to business supplier of electronic and electrical components located in Melbourne Australia.  Our customers are based across industry sectors such as instrumentation, automotive, communication, security, process control, transportation, entertainment, power distribution, and original equipment third party assemblers. We also provide   support for research and development endeavours, and assist with the requirements of service repair centres.

We offer a sourcing service over a vast range of product, with the flexibility of choice of brand from an extensive array of industry leading branded components in active, passive and electromechanical.  A large number of these parts are available on short lead-times of around 1 to 2 weeks via a multitude of world wide reputable and qualified suppliers. Shorter lead-times are also available. In many instances, we are able to offer multiple direct equivalent branded devices, since we are not bound by the traditional rigid distribution practices of strictly promoting franchised product ranges.  Component selection from us is straight forward and free of biased advice.  

We are, and will continue to be instrumental in solving supply problems that manifest from a wide range of circumstances. These include, difficult to obtain parts, lack of support from official distributors, unexpected requirements, very long lead times quoted from manufacturers via their distributors, last minute design changes creating a requirement for urgently required components that are not available locally, in house production lead-times dramatically brought forward creating component shortages that also can not be sourced promptly through traditional channels, incorrectly or faulty parts supplied from existing suppliers creating urgent shortages, parts that are on allocation, inflexible supply sources in relation to pack size, minimum order quantities, minimum order value and simply that many parts that are just not supported locally. 

These supply dilemmas can and often result in buyers, designers and service repair people searching for components spending a disproportionate amount of their valuable time (and in an increasing state of frustration), searching for components locally and globally.  This situation can lead to stoppages in manufacturing, prolong R&D or servilely delay repair work, escalating hidden costs creating delays and aggravations down the supply chain to end customers. We do help alleviate the pressure that these issues cause, in a timely and efficient  manner. 

The business environment that we foster, facilitates formulating supply solutions matching customer needs.  A key element of our service is our ability to be flexible in accommodating our customer’s requirements. We have no minimum order values, no minimum order quantities and no minimum pack sizes. We will cross reference or offer alternative parts if needed. Stock can be kept for scheduled orders.  We have extensive experience in navigating through the component sourcing abyss and we do provide obligation free quotations. We are not inconvenienced by our customer’s requirements and no requirements are too difficult.  We will strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.    

We integrate seamlessly with our customers by becoming virtual procurement partners limiting the trepidations that the buying process often brings.  When dealing with us, you can expect courteous and friendly service (free of belligerance, indifferent attitudes and aggressiveness) with prompt attention to commercial and technical issues.  We are driven by the requirements of our customers. 

Reliable global and local sourcing eliminates frustrations associated with inconsistent, inflexible and poorly performing supply channels.  If your experiencing supply dilemmas then please, contact us.